Cinematography vs Videography

One of the best discoveries that man has ever developed is the art of capturing something and storing it for future memory. Take a minute and consider a life without pictures, and videos… How would it be? Of course it would be very boring indeed. Therefore, it is very important to appreciate the important benefit…


Hunters Hill Church

Hunters Hill church is in a suburb on the lower north shore in Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Hunters Hill is located 9 kilometres north-west of the Sydney central business district and is the administrative centre for the local government area of the Municipality of Hunter’s Hill.


Nicole + Cameron Wedding Film “Fallen in Love”

Nicole and Cameron’s wedding has been perfect celebration of true love, kindness and perfection. This lovely couple met each other during their study days in university 6 years ago. Since then it was instant attraction as mentioned by the best man. This love saga continued with many ups and downs. Finally their Big Day came…


Ashleigh & Arnold Wedding Highlights “Incredibly Happy”

We covered Ashleigh & Arnold Wedding few months back and it was held in beautiful Miramare Gardens,Terry Hills. We had lots of fun during reception as dance floor was unstoppable with crazy moves. We have shown location shoot of our couple which will reflect lovely weather of the day. Both Ashleigh and Arnold were looking…


Natasha & Anchal Engagement “Sneak Peek”

This is a very special sneak peak engagement video of my cousin Anchal and his fiancée Natasha performed in the Concord Function centre earlier this year. My Cousin was a hardworking best man at my wedding last year, so I was excited for the opportunity to create a video of the lovely looking couple. Thankfully…