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Digital Photography Takes Wedding Photos One Step Forward


technology_cameraEvery time there is a special event, cameras are perennially present. Cameras are the best tools to help people keep all of their treasured memories for posterity’s sake. This is especially true during weddings. A wedding is one of those life-changing events in every person’s life, a time when a sacred union between two individuals who love each other is sealed. To make sure the wonderful memories of that momentous event are preserved, great wedding photography is necessary. Obviously, there are several things a couple needs to ascertain, one of which is the wedding photography pricing. Nowadays, digital wedding photography is the name of the game. Hence, there is always the possibility that the prices would be slightly higher than usual. Nevertheless, you might be wondering why digital wedding photography should even be an option.


Well, technology has come so far where photography is concerned. Digital-Wedding-PhotographyThese days, many devices or gadgets are introduced in order to help people treasure special moments in their everyday lives. In fact, there are new cameras meant to capture these special moments in the best way possible – digital cameras. Ever since the inception of digital cameras, film cameras have become virtually extinct. These cameras have also paved the way for digital wedding photography to become a more popular service than film photography. How is that possible?


Apparently, it’s because digital photography can take wedding pictorials into new heights. Cameras used for digital photography provides many new advantages to their users, one of which is they allow users to do away with the usual film separation process. This happens to be among the most time-consuming processes in photography, and removing this time-consuming process would mean getting results faster. Given that we now live in a fast-paced society, everything needs to be ready on the dot, even wedding pictures. Most couples today don’t even pay much attention to the pricing for wedding photography as long as they can have their wedding pictures ready instantaneously.

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What’s noteworthy about digital wedding photography is the fact that the quality of each photograph is never compromised. Indeed, even if the photos come out instantly, the results are always beautiful. Picture clarity is at its finest, flaws can be manipulated, and other features may be incorporated in the photos such as tilt shifting and color manipulation. All these features are meant to make the pictures even more beautiful. One other benefit of digital wedding photography is it allows customization. This means the one who took the photos can edit these before printing. The photographer may opt to alter the size of the pictures or change the brightness, contrast, or sharpness, too. It’s even possible to add and remove details within the picture.


anwenFinally, opting for digital pictures of your wedding allows you to reproduce the photos repeatedly without altering the quality of the pictures. This is not possible if you’re reprinting from film. With film photography, the quality of the pictures would suffer poorly after several reprints. Digital photography likewise allows users to save their files on their computers, which would mean that they could be reproduced without wearing out any film, since it doesn’t need one. If these are enough to convince you, then you had better start looking up a digital wedding photography pricing guide to help you choose the best service.


Cinematography vs Videography


One of the best discoveries that man has ever developed is the art of capturing something and storing it for future memory. Take a minute and consider a life without pictures, and videos… How would it be? Of course it would be very boring indeed. Therefore, it is very important to appreciate the important benefit played by pictures and videos in the society. Videos and pictures date many years ago. In fact, today, videography and cinematography is one of the most developed fields. In fact, all mobile developers are developing products which are tailor made to entice the photographic world. Videography and Cinematography are two terms that have actually been confused in the past. But they have a number of differences. This article provides a good description of videography and cinematography, how they differ and which one is actually better.


Videography is the act of using a video camera to capture something. For instance, you can use your mobile device such as mobile phone, tablet and video camera to capture an occurrence. Some examples of videography are what you usually see in the television during the news programs. Therefore, one main difference between cinematography and videography is that anyone can always take on videography while not everyone can do cinematography.


While videography is the act of using a video camera to record an occurrence, cinematography involves videography and the editing aspects. For instance, to do a perfect cinematography, what you should do is capture a video and then edit in such a way to produce a story.

With this understanding, it is important to understand the main differences between videography and cinematography. However, it should be noted that the thick line that used to separate the two is slowly becoming thinned as a result of technology. Some minor differences still exist. These are:


The first major difference between videography and cinematography is on the lighting. While for videography any lighting is preferred, for cinematography, it is important to do some minor edits in terms of lighting of the video. The essence of all this is to create a theme and tell a story about the whole situation. Therefore, for you to better create a good cinematography item. It is important for you to appreciate the virtue of expertise. A good and qualified expert is required in cinematography more than he is required in videography.


The next major difference between both is on the color. What should be known here is that in videography, you want to tell the story as it is for it to make an impact. For instance, in a news story, you should ensure that the color schemes are the same. They should not be altered as this will not tell the story as it is. On the other hand, Cinematic wedding videographer changes the colors to tell a particular story. This is simply because with cinematography, your aim will be to tell a story in a more compelling manner.

Capturing Your Wedding’s Magic Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive!


Your wedding is undoubtedly going to be one of the single most important moments in your lifetime. Few things can compare with the scale of a wedding, and the meticulous preparation involved in making sure that everything is perfect. And when that final moment arrives and everything comes together flawlessly, you know it was all worth it. Of course, it’s good to know that you can come back to those moments in the future and revisit the period of your life that paved the road to true happiness.

And as technology has been improving, so have the methods for capturing those special moments in our lives. Photographers used to be highly exclusive and extremely expensive, due to the cost of their equipment and the time it took to learn how to use it. Nowadays though, high quality cameras are very affordable, and their use is far from complicated. This naturally means that your access to good photography studios is going to be much better too, so you won’t have to limit yourself to a few expensive ones like people previously had to.

Quite on the contrary, it’s nowadays very easy to find a good photographer who can work for you cheaply. You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money to get high grade pictures and video footage taken at your wedding, and you’ll also get all the extras that come along with professional photography services too. This includes things like editing, composition and arranging the pictures in an album, and an overall solid graphical presentation.

If you’re recording a video of the wedding too (and you should!), this will also require a lot of attention and possibly even some preparations. Be more careful in choosing the studio to work with if your order is also going to include video shooting, because you’re going to need to know that you’re working with someone truly capable. Look at their portfolio – they should have one – and see what their previous work has been like. If the studio is truly good, they should have a lot of work to show for it, and it should be captivating and inspiring as well.

And don’t be afraid to take some creative control over the process. You might not be an expert on video and photo editing, but you may still have something to say about how the job should be done. Maybe you like a certain color scheme, or a given set of ideas for the arrangement of the pictures. In any case, step forward and give your opinion on the work of the studio, don’t just let these things slip by! It might not seem like a big deal to you, but in the end, any small detail is going to matter for the final experience. This is something you’re going to be revisiting for the rest of your life (hopefully) so you should do everything possible to make the experience perfect in every single way. It’ll take some effort, sure, but it’ll be well worth every bit you put in.
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Hunters Hill Church


Hunters Hill church is in a suburb on the lower north shore in Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Hunters Hill is located 9 kilometres north-west of the Sydney central business district and is the administrative centre for the local government area of the Municipality of Hunter’s Hill.

Maharaja’s Haveli – Quakers Hill (Promo)

Maharaja’s Haveli is the perfect venue for the whole family. On display is real life Indian culture from an ordinary villager’s life to the Royal lifestyles of Maharaja’s. Their Formal Dining restaurant, known as the ‘Shan-e-Darbar’ has been elegantly decorated giving a regal ambiance.


How to Preserve that Wedding Video

Wedding videos are nothing new. Ever since the video camera was invented, people have been video graphing important events of their lives, and weddings definitely figure high on the list of important events in the life of a person. While video graphing is not new, the technology used today has enhanced greatly, and due to this, one not just gets a better quality of video, but the video is much more durable and stable than the videos that were available a few decades ago.

Today, one can have their wedding vows recorded in HD, and for the very well heeled, 3D recording of their wedding will be a reality in the near future. However, while technology has greatly enhanced the video quality, one still needs to depend on the oldest technology known to mankind, logic, to ensure that the wedding video is preserved, and becomes a warm and memorable event for the entire family. Here are some tips that will help you preserve a wedding video.

Keep a computer handy, and ensure that the videographer transfers the entire video onto your computer or laptop so that even if the original video is erased for any reason, you have your copy at hand as a savior. Of course, you will have to make the complete payment to the video grapher, and only then he or she will agree to transfer the entire video to you.

It would also be a good idea to provide the videographer with a memory card, so that they can give you the memory card immediately after they have covered the wedding. You would need to get a Class 10 memory card, as that is the kind of card that a videographer would want to record a video of the wedding.

Another important way of preserving the video is to ensure that the videographer knows the camera that he or she is using. Cameras of different brands work differently, and there is every chance that they may delete the entire video by mistake, or in some cases, they might not even be able to tape the proceedings in the right manner, thereby ruining the video. Videographing is not just holding the recorder towards the bride and bridegroom. It is something much more complicated, and unless the personnel are not completely comfortable with their rig, they will not be able to provide the right kind of video that would fulfill your requirements.

These are some important tips that will help you preserve a wedding video, and ensure that it remains with the family. If you are looking for a wedding videographer, you should start looking at the advertisements in the local magazines and newspapers. They will have advertisements of local businesses, including videographers. Some well-known videographers have their own websites, which provide you all the information that you would want, right from the contact numbers to their previous customer’s testimonials. In fact, they will have photographs and videos that they clicked and recorded during their other stints too.

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